Organizational Preparedness and Prevention

Organizational Preparation

The Organizational Preparation Services form the foundation of the AllianceNet System- IMT experts will conduct a series of pre-paid, off-site training and communication programs which will prepare executives, local Incident Response Teams, supervisors, managers and union representatives, and general employees to design, develop, and implement effective security, and violence prevention and containment processes for their companies.

The AllianceNet organizational preparation sessions are highly interactive group process sessions which entail the following learning activities:

  • presentation of expert risk management content
  • policy and procedure development
  • case study analysis and risk assessment
  • team building and coordination
  • incident management simulation exercises
  • active learning

The various training and communication programs are supported by print materials in the form of workbooks and reference manuals, job aids, wallet cards, brochures, and posters. Video and slides support the presentation of expert content.

Pre-incident Response

Effective prevention of workplace violence is based on the recognition of the warning signs of potential violence, and strategies for early intervention which identify unacceptable behavior and conduct and resolve the causes of frustration, anger, aggression, and violence.

The AllianceNet Organizational Preparation services prepares client company Incident Response Teams, supervisors, managers, and union representatives, and fellow-workers to recognize, support, and appropriately respond to the early indicators of workplace violence.

IMT will provide expert consultation, direction, and technical support to assure proper response to low-risk pre-incident.   These support services are available through the AlertLine telephone access system.